Paul Lazarus

UX Designer @Tableau

Alum @GaTech

Fellow @CODE2040


About me.

I like to make things that are useful in the World we live in. For me, design has to come from a place of clarity, and has to fulfill a purpose as an end goal. When done right, well designed things should arouse a feeling of wonder and delight.

I’m a user centered designer with over eight years of experience in the field. I bring thoughtful design solutions to complex problems across a wide range of domains and technologies.

Work Spotlight


Spotlight :
No. 1

Ask Data


"#AskData by @tableau is just WOW."

— Mahboob Mohammed

Spotlight :
No. 2



“Finally: You don’t need to be a graphic designer to transform staid spreadsheets into something more compelling. Vizable instantly turns data—anything from your small biz’s weekly sales to your Fitbit’s fitness info—into interactive visualizations that can be viewed and manipulated with touch-screen gestures like pinching, swiping, and dragging. By sharing the ability to make numbers beautiful and compelling, the app empowers users to experience and understand their data in more meaningful ways.”