Tableau Services Manager



Tableau’s initial market strategy was built on a land-and-expand model. With this model, one user within an organization adopts Tableau and spreads adoption across the entire organization. To trigger more growth, Tableau moved to a self-service model, where adoption happens at scale across organizations.

A key piece to delivering this new model involved creating a new product that helped IT units within organizations efficiently govern deployments of Tableau Server.

I was part of the Team tasked with creating a new experience for IT Admins to deploy and maintain instances of Tableau Server. Tableau Services Manager (TSM) replaces multiple complicated tools from the previous platform with a unified, flexible and easy-to-use experience.

Design Team

I drove the production design effort, working alongside 5 engineering teams, and a Visual design team, to build out the web UI for TSM.

Design Challenges

Designing for TSM involved supporting users through multiple entry points through a complex system of controls needed to install and maintain Tableau Server. The parts that form the full experience had to be designed bearing in mind user flow and cohesion, to reduce friction as users journey through different parts of the experience.

Design Approach

  • Design Exploration: I explored design metaphors and concepts that support user goals and needs through a series of prototypes and mockups.

  • Design Critique & User Evaluation: I produced high fidelity user flows to facilitate design conversations with users and other stakeholders, aimed at validating design decisions.

  • Production Design: Churned out high fidelity design specs and worked alongside engineering team to implement designs.

Paul Lazarus