In 2014, Tableau was looking to offer a novel analytics experience on native mobile devices. Tableau’s flagship product revolutionized the way people interacted with data. But it was primarily a desktop-first product that struggled on Mobile devices.

I was part of the Product Team tasked with re-imagining data analytics on mobile devices. Vizable leveraged touch and other gestural interactions to deliver a playful, yet compelling experience for data analysts on Mobile devices.

Design Team

I was the lead Product designer working alongside a Creative Agency, Product Management and Engineering team across Austin, Palo Alto, and Seattle.

Design Challenges

In creating a deep analytical experience on Mobile, I grappled with all the challenges that come with designing within such limited screen real estate. These constraints were blessings in disguise, which led to creative interaction design solutions.

Design Approach

  • Discovery & Research: I joined the team after most of the early research work was done. I mapped user scenarios to Information architecture flows for each feature within the App.

  • Design Kickoff & Exploration: I explored design metaphors and concepts that support user goals and needs through a series of prototypes and mockups.

  • Design Critique & User Evaluation: I shared mockups of varying fidelity to facilitate design conversations with users and other stakeholders, aimed at validating design decisions.

  • Production Design: Churned out high fidelity design specs and worked alongside engineering team to implement designs.

Paul Lazarus